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Our background

We are a team of entrpreneurs and programmers who want to offer advanced IT solutions to the Macedonian market as well as wider in the Balkan. As a team we have a joint experience in the ERP software industry of more than 50 years both in design and implementation for companies of all sizes. We have worked and consulted with firms in various industries, including the tourism and catering industry, wine production industry, manufacturing industry, service industry etc.

Behind our software lies a slew of efficient Python code and a MongoDB database.

Clients and markets

Currently the focus is placed on the domestic market. Infoverse cooperates with production, trade and service companies that are involved in printing, online promotion, food processing, hotel and restaurant business etc.

The kind of services we offer

At the moment we only offer two services which are Implementation of ERP systems and design of customized software solutions. This, however, in the near future is subject to change.

Implementation of ERP systems

The main product offered by the team of Infoverse is the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The main objective of the project for the implementation of ERP Systems is improved efficiency and effectiveness in the management decision making process, which involves the following activities:

– System analysis of the existing situation (business analysis, information requirement analysis, information flows analysis),
– System design
– Implementation
– Monitoring and control

Design of customized software solutions

In addition to standardized ERP solutions, the Infoverse team offers design and implementation of customized software solutions according to the specific requirements of the clients. These projects are considered as separate products / services, and they differ from the ERP solutions in a way that these solutions are created and used only by the client for whom this software was created. The price for these products is based on the time required to carry out the conceptualization, documenting, coding and implementation of the software at the client.

Visual Production

Our team is working on development of software for capacity planning and time scheduling (termination) of production (activities) which is supported by Fund For Inovations and Technology Development.
The software will have embedded algorithms, which are based on product components, technological production procedures and existing and planned customer orders, as well as based on criteria set by users (order date, production time, etc.), it will calculate and set a production schedule per machine (work center) and employee, in accordance with the set criteria. This production schedule (plan) will be visible in the form of a gantt chart and other visual presentations (such as a calendar, etc.), with the possibility of drag-drop redesign of the production schedule as needed.

Our Team

Katarina Miloshevska

CEO and manager

Stefan Velichkovski


Jasmina Talevska


Hristina Sokolovska


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